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It’s your home. We just help you build it.

When you’re ready to build a home that not only represents your unique sense of style and taste, but also speaks to your family’s lifestyle priorities, we encourage you to consider all of the options available to you.  We believe that an educated decision is the best decision. And, although we take great pride in having successfully built custom and semi-custom homes across the plains of northeastern Wyoming for years, consistently exceeding client expectations, and with unparalleled experience in real estate and development, we understand that there are several important decisions to consider when you embark upon the custom homebuilding process.  Of which, and perhaps most importantly, will be the selection of your preferred builder.

Our Story

Infinity Builders was founded by Mark and Erika Christensen in 2012 with the goal of helping people live more beautiful lives.  Beauty can come in any budget and we are excited to build the most important part of your life…Your HOME! Mark has created beautiful developments and Erika stunning plans and interiors.

I love knowing I had a hand in creating environments for families that they love. At the end of the day, your home is your sanctuary and where your memories really are rooted.

Both Mark and Erika were raised rurally and have a knack for western-inspired construction with the additional amenities you need when living a rural lifestyle (shops, barns, etc.) We put our personal stamp on the quality and oversight, and are neurotic about details and keeping up with cutting edge technology and style.

Our Process

At Infinity, we make the custom homebuilding process smooth and easy so you can enjoy it.  Ready to get started?


We trust that the following outline will help to familiarize you and your family with the home-building process.  And, when the time comes to build your home in northeast Wyoming, we hope to be considered as your premier custom and semi-custom builder of choice.


At Infinity, our Custom Builder Deposit is nonrefundable. For this reason, we ask that you obtain financing before looking to enter into a building agreement with us. Let Infinity help through the process with experienced lender recommendations. When you work and build with the best, over time you establish quality, invaluable working relationships with best-in-class realtors, bankers, and lenders.

Design Consultation

During Your Dream Home Consultation, we will discuss everything from your vision for your home to your family’s needs, color, and finishing preferences. We’ll cover everything! From appliances and plumbing fixtures, to tile, hardwood, carpet, light fixtures, and any other items that require your decisions and oversight, as well as explain the building process in great detail and discuss scheduling. This is truly the fun part! We will work with you to assess and identify the fine details of your home and formulate a list of your specific wants and needs.

Location, Location, Location!

The process of selecting the location of your Infinity dream home is crucial. While you can always renovate your home, as needed, in the future, the land you purchase for your home is decidedly more finite. Items worthy of your consideration when choosing where you’d like to build, include the following: Rural vs. urban property, developed vs. undeveloped acreage, amount of acreage and frontage, orientation of property, location within the community, access to water, waste, and utilities, access to desired amenities, views, potential for future resale.

Builder Deposit

Once you have selected the ideal lot, it’s time for you to make the Builder Deposit on your new Infinity home. This deposit will secure your chosen lot and mark the initiation of our contractual agreement for your home. At which time, we will begin coordination to prepare working drawings for your oversight and approval. Upon closing, your deposit will be credited in-full toward your final home price. For further details on Infinity’s Builder Deposit, contact our offices today by phone call to 307.685.1295.

Plan Finalization

If you have already selected an architectural plan, or have chosen one of Infinity’s Floor Plans, you are a step ahead. Either way, we will design new plans, or help to modify your existing plans, to fit your family’s needs and preferences, the surrounding community, and the appropriate home site.


During the construction of your custom or semi-custom Infinity home, you’ll receive regular updates from us, as well as participate in several quality checkpoints along the way. Once we begin digging the foundation of your home, we will establish a realistic walk-through schedule that will allow for you and your family to not only take an active role in the building process, but also experience the construction of your new home from the ground up.

Homeowner Orientation

Upon the completion of your home’s construction, we will invite you to meet with us at the site for a personalized orientation. During this time, we will demonstrate the details of your new home, and explain how it functions and how best to maintain it. Our aim is to ensure you fully understand your new home and all of its features. For example, it will benefit you to know how to set and adjust thermostats and operate the functioning components that make your place unique (i.e., control panels and devices for appliances, jetted tubs, specialty lighting, sound systems, home security, smart home technology, in-home entertainment, etc.).

Closing and Beyond

At Infinity Builders, LLC, we are deeply committed to providing you with outstanding quality of service, and your comments are crucial to our program of continued improvement and client satisfaction. Closing on your home should not mean closing the door on your relationship with your builder.

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